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India Overland

Overland the Adventure of a Lifetime

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Welcome to the Overland Forum, if you traveled the overland or are just curious you should find something of interest, use the search function to help find anything in particular i.e. people, companies or places. The forum was getting 10 to 15 spam registrations a day so I have disabled direct registration. If you would like to join the forum just mail me derek(at) & I will email you a login...

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wow - I'm sure the shorter guy in the middle with white trousers is Bruce Hallock ("Apples") from Tasmania. I shared a flat with him and other Aussies in Muswell Hill around 1973. He managed to rewire the phone from the road - so all calls were free. And once picked me up and took me to work in a 56-seater coach - just for fun. Amazing guy - heart of gold - wonder where he is now. I married one of the Aussie girls from the flat - Roz Polst - and we lived near Harrow, until sadly she died quite young in 1996. Miss her still very much. Her Mum's still going strong at 85 - and lives in Adelaide - I've managed to see her a couple of times.



I think your driver was Bruce Hallock(or similar). I remember him buying a Jag to take back to Tasmania



Went on the Pharoah route from Kathmandu to London via Egypt and Israel from September to December 1979.  This was the last Capricorn trip as they were just bought out by Sundowners.  It truly was a trip of a lifetime and although I look back at my life there are many things I would have done differently, but this trip was one of the things I am so glad I did when I was young.  I was in a small group with one other Yank and the rest were Aussies with a Kiwi.  I had just graduated university and spent the previous 3 months in New Zealand, Australia and southeast asia. 
The journey through dusty 3rd world countries was not easy and I lost alot of weight having the runs for about 3 months.  While many in our group were more interested in partying, I was more interested in learning about different cultures and meeting the people.  I learned one noble truth that I hold today and that is people everywhere are the same.  There are some you will like and some you don't like, but most are just trying to make a living and trying to support their families. 
Our bus rolled over in Southern Pakistan, fortunately no one was seriously injured.  We waited in Isfahan, Iran for about 10 days for another bus to come from London.  I was told to say I was Australian because Khomeni came into power a year earlier and there was very much an anti American sentiment.  This was before terrorist toko captives and cut off their heads and I was young so I told every Iranian I met I was an American.  To my surprise they said they loved the American people, but not the government and many had relatives living in the USA. 
I also met my future wife, Mary on this trip, who was very sweat and I liked alot but showed no interest in me.  We kept in touch and were married in 1993 and now live in Adelaide, Australia and have 2 children.


Hi Derek
Just came across your website. What a blast from the past. My husband and I travelled with Capricorn in September 1975 to December 1975 from London to Kathmandu before travelling on to Melbourne where we stayed for 11 months then sailing back to the UK.  Apart from one other couple who were English like us and a couple of American girls, the rest of our fellow travellers were Aussies and New Zealanders travelling home.
Our driver was Bruce from Tasmania and our tour guide  was Russell Jahn who is still a good friend of ours in Perth.   It remains the greatest trip of our life even though we went on to filming wildlife documentaries all over the world.   We feel we were very fortunate to see all those countries before they became war torn.  We still have the Capricorn brochure and a journal of our trip, plus endless slides and a video.  Will try and post them to your site when I get time.  Attached our fellow travellers.  Apart from Russell have lost touch with everyone else.

Kind regards Linda Searle

India Overland → Capricorn → September 1979 → Post new reply