Topic: Looking for Geoff

Message for Geoff Lawrence - please pass on.  thanks, Derek.

Hi Geoff,
don't suppose you remember me but I was on the trip leaving London in July 1975.  Recently a few of the passengers had a reunion in Perth, and after that Liz Watson decided to try and track people down.  She has done an amazing job!  I have been left with the UK side of the search, which isn't so easy as there are a lot more people here.
The 3 I am currently looking for are Kathy Longstaff and Ann (?) both nurses, and Trish Livesey, who I think came from Croydon.  I think you were "very friendly" with Ann so might remember her!  Do you know where any of them might be?  Ann's surname?
It's amazing the effect the trip had on all our lives.  My eldest daughter has just spent 18 months travelling in SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA and it brought it all back to me.  I have even fished out my old slides and my diary and started putting it all on the computer!  I might even share it if it's ever finished.  Also, when Rachel was in Australia, we went over to visit, and spent an amazing weekend with Andrew and Sue Cunningham (doctor and wife) - I hadn't seen them for 33 years and we just picked up where we had left off!

I'm sure one trip merges with another.  I am attaching a group photo which might help jog your memory.  The website says you live in Witton, not sure where that is.  I gather you are still driving buses.

Hope to hear back from you sometime.
Best wishes
Ann (was Davis in 1975, now Ferris)