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Topic: Swagman Tour london to Kathmandu depart Jly 1975

Anyone from the above departure who is wishing to make contact with fellow travellers please contact Liz via this website.

Driver was Geoff Lawrence and Co-driver/mechanic was Razz. (Kevin Porter)  We had a Mini- reunion in March 2010 and that has started the search for 'the others'  Not many to find still be if it is YOU please contact via this website.

Found are:
Don and Adele Brown
Greg and Helen Sankowsky
Liz Watson
Leonore (Lee) (Skinner) Combe
Dot (Lucas) Burns
Sue and Andy Cunningham
Deborah (Power) Calvert
Joy Thomas
Ann (Davis)Ferris
John Cridland
Bob/Robert Mulligan
Ted Day
Barry Meikle
Kathy (Longstaff) Barrow
Janet & Kathleen Rogers
Caroline (Bartrum) Van Der Merwe
John & Ruth Powles
Ann (Chadwick) Francis 
John Cridland
Luzi Baessler
Jock Robertson

Geoff Lawrence (DRIVER)
Razz - Kevin Porter(Mechanic/co-driver)

Trying to find - Trish Liversey, Di Halliday,  Jack Burnside,  Clive (Bird?),  Peter Stokes. 
I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM ANY OF THE 'MISSING PERSONS... or someone who knows where they are or can give me a lead.
Cheers, Liz

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