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Hi there,
Just want to mention that my niece who is helping to run overland tours called Odyssey Overland, (check out the mention I get in "Who we are"  - "As Odyssey has grown so we have gained more members of the Odyssey family, and as of 2009 Kirsten Archer who did the London to Australia expedition in 2008 came on board as a co owner. Kirsten was inspired to go overlanding by her aunt who travelled overland from London to Delhi in 1971 and after getting to Australia overland Kirsten decided that she had found her true calling. Having her on board has allowed Odyssey to expand further and offer even more to our expedition members.")
Anyway Kirsten and Pete Deverson of Odyssey Overland will be running an expedition from Kathmandu to Istanbul in about 6 months time - for all you old hippies check it out on the website and/or tell your nephews and nieces, daughters or sons about it - travel in our footsteps kinda thing!  They do it so much better now than in 1971!!

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Hi, I checked it out, tried to post, but couldn't navigate my way through the technocrap.

Here is what I wanted to post.


My name's Mike McDermott, and I came to this site via the, where Annie Tavener posted next to some of mine.

When are you getting to Darwin? I live there.

All the Best, you lucky things!