Topic: Visit to Efes 2014

Cindy & I were in Turkey in June & visited Izmir, Efes, Sirence, Pammakale & Istanbul. Izmir has changed, it's very modern these days but very few tourist which was refreshing. Can't say the same for Efes & Pammakale, lots of tour buses from Kusadasi & Bodrum filled with package tourist.

When we arrived there were lots of tour buses in & the place was busy. We left it till late in the day as the buses depart around 4.30 so they can get the tourist back to the beach side hotels in time for a nights drinking & party. By 5.00pm Efes was quiet & felt much as I remember it so many years ago. It is still the best roman ruin to give you a feel of what a city of the time must have been like.

If you have never been mark it on your bucket list of things to do, just get there very early or late in the day. Just a few of the images taken that day.