Topic: Intertrek 23rd September 1976

Hello to all Overlanders,

Dear Derek, while surfing on the web, I stumbled upon your website. At the same time my ex-husband contacted me about the pictures he took on the London-Kathmandu route. That is too much of an coincidence and since you asked for information about trips that were made with Overland companies here is some information about the trip we made.

We traveled with Intertrek and left London on the 23rd September 1976 (the INTE 90). Our driver was Bob Hughes, mechanic was Alan Richardson. Passengers were;
Michael Gluk (a Swiss medic who lived in Leominster, USA at the time)
From Australia there were;
Cliff Sutherton; Josephine Clewett and Aileen Wood; Colin Amery; Rosemay Crichton; Pru and Tim FitzHerbert; Pauline and Derek Osborne.
From Canada; Linda Smith and Deborah McLeod.
From Holland; Joop and Coby de Vries (sister and brother); Jan Wolf; Jan Goorden; Martin Baks and me (Lieke Nobelen).

We had a truly wonderful trip and arrived in Kathmandu at the 9th of December.

In 1979 Martin and I made an other trip, this time with Encounter Overland; from London to Johannesburg. Unfortunately this trip went completely wrong for me; I got sick, left the group in Nairobi and then flew back to India. That was the right decision; I backpacked to Kathmandu and recovered thanks to an Tibetan doctor.

I hope this information is any help to your history of Overland travel.
I enclose two pictures from the Intertrek truck; the snowy one was taken in de desert between Persepolis and Meshed (Iran); the other one is from the entrance to Gaida Wildlife Park in Nepal.

Greetings from Holland,  Lieke Nobelen.
Persepolis to Meshed
Ingang Gaida Wildlife Camp