Topic: Budget Bus brochure 1977

Still have my copy of the Budget Bus brochure that changed my life when it dropped through the letterbox one day in 1977 (in response to an ad in Private Eye, I think).

Here are a few photos:

A PDF of the whole brochure is available at:

http://thehippietrail.files.wordpress.c … ochure.pdf


Re: Budget Bus brochure 1977

Just came across your post with the Budget bus brochure. I was on the bus that left London on 10th October 1977, with my friend Tom - we were both 18 at the time. I'm not sure whether it was you but there was a guy called Colin who was on the bus and helped me through a real bad time I had with amoebic dysentery in Delhi!! Anyway, it was a great trip, and one that I still talk about,  and it put traveling in my blood.