I would be very interested in any PHOTOS/STORIES from PASSENGERS WHO TRAVELLED ON SAFARIS OVERLAND COACH 'KING KONG', photo bus below:-

1971 and 1972. Also the same bus now renamed HIMALAYAN TIGER(Painted Yellow) in 1972/73
                    left   London for Delhi on July 20th- Drivers Dave and Harvey,Courier John.
                    left   Delhi for London approx October 1971-Driver Dave, Courier John
                    left   London for Delhi left early Nov 1971?(Stopped Tehran Dec 30th)  -Driver Dave, Courier John.
                    left   Tehran for Kabul/Lahore(indian Border closed) early Jan 1972. Drivers Harvey and John
            1972 left   Kabul for London (stopped Istanbul) Feb/March 1972 via Iran, Iraq,Syria,South coast of Turkey, and then Istanbul where bus broke down (returned to London later) Drivers Harvey and John (Remember the afghan Fighting Dog that was tied up at the back of the bus?!)
             1972 left London for Kabul/Indian border early Summer 1972. Driver/Courier John via South Coast of Turkey/Iran/Afghanistan.
              1972 left Kabul for Europe in the Summer 1972 (Safaris Overland were going bust) via Iran, South Coast Turkey, Greece and Yugoslavia (Bus 'blew up' just before Skopje but was eventually repaired and returned to Istanbul). This wasn't the best of trips as had an accident with horse drawn carts close to Maku near Iranian border and various other 'incidents'. An Australian couple and a Canadian Ron Stott bailed me out in Iran by paying my 'fine'. Would love to hear from them.
             1972 Safaris overland had now gone bust so I now ran a fast Bus Service between Istanbul (Booking at the Pudding Shop) and Kabul (Afghanistan-bookink at Mustafa Hotel) with extentions to Lahore (Pakistan) in Summer/Winter 1972/1973 using the same bus YRC 45 (King Kong). Later I had the Bus painted YELLOW and renamed HIMALAYAN TIGER. Driver John.
             1973  Kabul to London  Bus full.Left Spring 1973 for London arriving after around 3 weeks.


John, this is all I've got left of the Passenger Lists for 1971
It's in order of Surname, First Names, Nationality, Date of Birth
And I remember taking that picture on Christmas morning at Persepolis...

Safaris Passengers: London to India July 20 1971

Part of this list was lost in a fire 1992.

Aarnoudse, Maria - Canadian 11-02-1948
Ballantyne, Elizabeth - British 09-05-1938
Bowers, Norma - Australian 02-01-1935
Chancellor, Peter - British 02-05-1945
Chancellor, Sally - British 05-02-1950
Chee, Kianberg - Singaporean 23-10-1947
Chessum, T - British 09-06-1950
Gastrell, Delicia - British 13-01-1895
Gravina, Dorothea (Cts) - British 05-04-1905
Graecen, Denis - Australian 12-06-1949
Hammond, Stuart - American 10-03-1948
Hazelwood, Carole - British 12-04-1945
Moss, Graeme - New Zealander 22-06-1943
Moss, Anita - Canadian 13-10-1949
Pierce, Douglas - British 07-03-1945
Pr???????d, Harold British 08-03-1941
?, Brenda British 23-01-1943
?, Anthony British 01-11-1944
?, lan Australian 09-07-1946
?, Edmond British 12-03-1942
?, Michael British 12-04-1943
?, Rajah Malaysian 01-03-1944
?, Ray Australian 21-12-1941
?, Hilary Australian 08-09-1950
?, William Australian 10-07-1945
?, David British 17-11-1947
?, Allan British 10-05-1946

Safaris Passengers: India to London October 7 1971

This list is compiled from a fire damaged one, plus some surviving booking forms. There
were several more passengers that listed, plus 3 Safaris crew (myself, John and Sylvia) -
the 37 seater bus was completely full, at least to Kabul.

Attley, Caroline American 11-05-1942
Batt, G L Australian 17-11-1946
Bhartiya, Rasman Indian 10-04-1947
Burke, Francis British 13-06-1947
Burke, Sheila British 22-03-1948
Day, Elizabeth British 08-05-1944
Dwyer, Ralph American 07-01-1929
Farmer, Millard American 16-04-1947
Formanek, J P American 25-04-1947
Foss, Juliet British 16-12-1950
Grahame, Faith British 16-01-1945
Hassen, Mohamed Ceylonese 23-02-1952
Jullien, A French 06-04-1947
Knourek, Alex Australian 28-08-1945
Ludwigsen, George American 15-11-1943
Marcus, John American 25-06-1945
Maupois, Alan French 04-08-1953
McKoy, Karen American 31-10-1949
Mubarak, M H M Ceylonese 10-10-1952
Ongaro, Franco Italian 15-07-1943
Page, Sally British 04-04-1947
Parmar, Darshan Indian 06-09-1945
Pucinischi, Leopold Italian 22-01-1938
Reed, Linda Gay American 13-02-1949
Smallwood, Dale American 19-06-1947
Sullien, Andre French 06-04-1947
Veaudry, Henri British 08-11-1949
Vorlessen, Swedish 21-12-1943
Walton, Bernard British 15-10-1951
Weichel, Reinhard German 15-07-1947
Weichel, Rosemarie German 05-01-1952
Werth, R W German 18-07-1947

Safaris Passengers: London to India November 14 1971

This list is complete.

Andrews, D W British 29-10-1946
Andrews, C A British 17-07-1948
Armer, I M Australian 09-01-1943
Blok, P I Dutch 02-02-1925
Bryant, R K British 30-04-1945
Cameron, I M New Zealander 09-04-1949
Cernovs, K N Australian 12-12-1953
Cooper, D A American 17-12-1944
Demont, P M L Swiss-French 30-06-1949
Denning, D G Australian 26-06-1944
Docker, W Australian 26-01-1947
Foster, A R British 16-02-1946
Godfrey, C H British 27-11-1939
Goudie, I W British 11-04-1949
Guyan, A J New Zealander 22-08-1947
Mason, P British 29-10-1943
O'Brien, B J British 28-08-1951
Paterson, J G New Zealander ??-??-1944
Paterson, S L British ??-??-1947
Poellot, G K American 29-11-1947
Richards, Z British 17-06-1948
Rothery, H New Zealander 17-02-1947
Schulze, K E American 27-02-1946
Stoddart, L M Australian 23-12-1946
Sutton, J British 10-06-1952
Tyrrel, A H British 28-10-1952
Whetton, M H Australian 17-08-1947

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This is part of the burned passenger list for the trip back from Delhi to London in October 1971; the names with lines through them are those people who had paid cash in advance. Some of them only went to Kabul, we had no difficulting in finding passengers as India and Pakistan had decided to declare war with each other. When we arrived at the border crossing which is close to Lahore, it was closed. I was informed by an official there that we might get across the border at Ferozepur, so I drove down there and we set up camp in the gardens of Greens Hotel; and that night we found a bar full of Sikhs where we had a few beers. One of the passengers, Hank, had more than a few and fell into a cesspit near the hotel, I had to drag him out of the pit, the stench was awful. Some passengers operated a hand pump which, amazingly produced water to sluice us down.

First the next next morning we crossed into Pakistan, Hank didn't wake up until we arrived in Lahore.


Thanks Dave! Hope someone recognises their name there,


Hi! Roadrunner was my Company & Dave, do you remember Keith McLean & John Hackney who both drove for Safari Overland.
Also, when Safari went bust in '73 I carried about 30 of their pax who'd been flown from Delhi to Kabul because of the war. When I arrived in Teheran my wife informed me that John Fenwick had gone bust & would'nt be able to pay me for that trip. I therefore could'nt give the pax the grand tour of Turkey & Europe that they'd paid for. We just headed straight back to UK where some of the pax complained to the Times newspaper that theeir tour had been cut short & they blamed me. The Times then printed an article about it without checking with me first to get the full facts. When I contacted them the following week & gave them the full story an apology was swiftly forthcoming!!!
Anyway, it was great reading all the stuff on here, really glad we came upon the site.
Merry Xmas to all - Peter


Hi Peter ! Think the last time I saw you was in Connaught Place circa 1976/77. You were talking to someone from the Indian Military, about an engine if I remember rightly, when we were approached by a beggar. The beggar hadn't seen the Army guy till the last moment and when he did he took flight at rate 'unseemly' for a beggar !Think that was you or have I confused it with someone else? You will see I have written up a 'post' about 'King Kong' before I sold it to you in 1973 and what then happened to the old Bus.Gather Dave has sent you a message but if not have you any photos you can upload onto the website ? Have to go now but will have a look on this website again after the New Year.Have a good Christmas !



i dont remember much but i think i was on one of your fast runs istanbul to kabul around mar. 1972. i only remember 1 other passenger tec from hawaii. one year after splitting up iran into him in kathmandu and he had become a buddhist monk. i will post again if remember more.