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Thanks for info. I'll pass the message onto Dave and must also try to look up the books you mentioned.That Overland trip was the first I ever made and I was a Courier on the coach. However of all the passengers on the Bus,  Dot and Dish made the most impression on me.I particularly noticed how whatever the circumstances those two always made the best of the situation and if asked would always help out.                               John.

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Here is your Aunt Dot talking to a young girl in a village - in the last of the sun that day in 1971. In the second picture she can be seen, lower right, charging off to investigate something had caught her eye, while the rest of them were about to fuss around some camels. The photo was taken through the bus windscreen.

In the third picture, Dot is centre-left at the back, of a group of passengers at Delphi in Greece; in the fourth picture her travelling campanion, Dish, is on the right of the group waiting at Faletti's Hotel in Lahore.

Dish & Dot were a pair of model passengers - no trouble at all. There were very knowledgable about the places we went to, and interesting to talk to - rather different to some of the people we brought out of India on the return trip...

(There was something about Dot that used to remind me of the author, journalist and broadcaster Malcolm Muggeridge, who was also born in the opening years of the 20th century. Muggeridge was another one who had spent time in India, and travelled to many places.)


This picture, and the last one, are some of the last photographs ever taken by my father - less than an hour before I set off for London on 14 November 1971 to collect the passengers - at the Windmill pub on Clapham Common - a convenient departure point as it was not far from the Safaris Overland HQ. (When I first knew Safaris, in the late 1960s, its HQ was in Stockwell.)

By Christmas Day I'd only got as far as Shiraz, in south-west Iran, due to the ferocity of an exceptionally cold Turkish winter


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Wonderful article - thanks!
I drove a bus from Germany to India & back in 1970-71 and lived in Kabul for 3 months.
Just to clarify - the band that played at the 25 Hour Club in Kabul was not Pakistani, but rather Filipino.
I was their drummer (from Canada) in early 1971.