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Has anyone else bought this 2014 book? I just did via Kindle. It's called "Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century". Two of the major matters it covers to justify its title were the revolutions in Afghanistan and Iran. It's third chapter refers to Afghanistan before the revolutions, in the days of the overland or, as it is know better known, the "hippie trail".

Those of us running overlands then knew we were caught up in something big, but not the birth of this century!

So far though the author, Christian Caryl, is making a good case for exactly that.

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I was in Kabul when a coup deposed the King, was a bit hairy there for awhile, soldiers (well thugs in tattered uniforms) sticking guns in every ones faces.  They think Afghanistan is dangerous now, it wasn't a picnic back then.

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Yeah. I was there for the Saur revolution in 1978. I think I wrote on that here before. I went back there last November; very sad.