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Just received this

Hi Derek,

My name is Patrick Farrell. I was a paying customer with a June to September 1973 Encounter Overland trip. we were in Afghanistan just in time for the overthrow of the King. Lots of funny stories there. I'm interested in any photos and would like to reconnect with my fellow travelers. The group leader was Peter Web. His girlfriends name Nicky Grant. I have a friend here in Nanaimo B.C. Canada, Dennis Cornell, who was a leader/driver in the 80's. ring a bell? thanks in advance

If anyone can help post something here or email me (Derek)

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Rob McKay

PS attached are a couple of pics sent by an ex pax of mine - Jonathan Vaudrey on a Hughes Overland (might have been Treasure Treks by then)  INTW43 KTM/LON - left KTM in about Feb 1978, We had an overheating problem all the way back to UK. Turned out to be a hairline crack in the plastic header/filler tank (ie not visible to the naked eye!) you can see me (in both cases looking perplexed or more likely pissed off! Happy Days !

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Stuart Varney

I left England on April 22nd. 1972, with Encounter Overland. Europe,Turkey,Iran,Afghanistan,Pakistan and then 4 months in India, plus time is Sri Lanka and Nepal. Driver was Andrew Robertson....passengers included a married English couple with the last name of White I think...he was an optician and her name was Margaret. Another passenger was Barbara McCormick, a South African. A married Australian couple who were academics at McQuarry University.
My name is Stuart Varney....I travelled for a couple more years, mostly around Australia and Hong Kong, then settled in America...worked for CNN and now Fox News....I would love to make contact with anyone I met on the road all those years ago...

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My name is John Macdonald.  I was 16 years old when I did the Encounter Overland trip from Kathmandu to London, starting in early September 1973.  Changed me forever.  There was an Brit named Derek on our trip, two Aussie girls (one named Roz I recall), a Swiss couple (a baker named Willie was the husband), a Norwegian/South African named Unni, a Kiwi from Wellington, and a British driver.  Tony White joined us for a portion, as did a Kashmiri guy, son of the houseboat owner we stayed with in Srinagar.  What an experience- many stories.  Afghanistan was the highlight I think.  Would love to hear from participants..I still have the original brochure..


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Hi John Macdonald,  I was the driver on this trip.  I have just come across this post 7 years after you made it and hope I can get in touch with you - my email address is

I didn't have a camera with me back then and would love to see some photos if you have any.  I am now living in Australia with my wife Jan who I met on my next EO trip - London Jo'berg.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Mike Wedgewood,

I'm like you, in that I didn't take photos on almost all my Asian and South American overlands.

A few of my passengers warned me, "Mike, someday you'll regret that!" I would reply, "No I won't."

They were right, and I was wrong. But it's not the photos of the places, but the people, that I miss.

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For Mike Wedgwood,  John MacDonalds email address is