Topic: Budget Bus June 1973 - London to Delhi. Anyone out there?

I would like to make contact with anyone who was on that bus. 

We had to camp for two weeks at Mashhad, waiting for the Afghanistan border to open.  It didn't so we set off south and went for two weeks through the desert into Pakistan.  Then we got caught up in some kind of tribal warfare at Quetta.  Then the back half of the bus started to fall out and we had to stop for a few days to get it mended.  Most of us stayed with the bus and finally made it to Delhi!

Is anyone out there?  I would love to meet up, see photos, chat about it etc.

I was only twenty at the time and I set off on my own.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  Quite an adventure!

I was Cynthia Dale in those days.  Now Cynthia Stephens.


Re: Budget Bus June 1973 - London to Delhi. Anyone out there?

Hi Cynthia

so great to hear from someone who was in the Budget bus in 73..i guess we were in the same bus since -me too -was stuck in the camp site in Meched then in the Baluchistan desert  before the booth of the bus collapsed in Quetta. I am very excited to hear from you. You may vaguely remember me my name is Claire and I was the only french girl on the bus . Will be so happy to talk to you . I am living in montpellier trying to remember this great trip..please contact me ..all the best claire Escoffier