Topic: London-kathmandu 17 th of july 1976 Asian greyhound

Hello all, just joined the forum. Went on the tour being the only dutch on that trip. Remember namens like Marion  Atkinson , graham libbey , mark sherry, graham Barber , sue Forster. Ted and audry, Silvia , Tim - driver. Found my diary and the tour ended on the 11 th of october. Have About 250 slides of the trip and try to publish a few of them here on the forum. I came to this site as my daughter is backpacking  now for almost 2 years and took a hippie bus from Melbourne to Perth. She asked me how things were in the old days.  After Nepal I went Island hopping, travelled through Australia  .Ended up in norway- restoring an old sailingship from 1890. Bought an old fishing cutter . Restored it for 8  years. Sold iT,  married ,kids and now 20 Months  before  retirement  Ha ha to much to write in a short message. Grtz. From Holland , jaap