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Hi Derek,
Im very glad i found your forum.
My name is Kalpesh Rathod and im trying to track down a driver called David who my father recalls from a westbound journey he made from Delhi at the end of 1972.
My father recalls the journey vaguely but im trying to capture the story and commit to writing as it really is a remarkable one. My father recalls the driver called Dave who helped him along the way. My father, Dayalji Samji was an indian citizen with a British Colony Passport, he was determined to reach UK and went through a lot to get here.
I saw that there were two Daves on the site, one of which I have already contacted through the site and another called Dave Watt. Do you have contact with Dave Watt and would you be able to put him in touch with me if in case he is the same David my father remembers?
It would be great to get a reunuion however my dad doesnt remember every detail and he wasnt a fluent english speaker at the time so he doesnt remember the name of the Company that he travelled with.
Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and regards, Kalpesh  -

More info

Please excuse the unsolicited email but I'm trying to find some information about my father and tell his story.

My father, Dayalji Rathod was an Indian citizen and made his way to the UK aboard one of the overland buses in November 1973.

He has now sadly passed away but I am determined to tell his incredible story. He would have been 26 at the time and spoke little to no English. I want to write and tell this story and I'm keen on finding people who can explain and share stories of what he would have gone through.

He remembered the driver of the bus being David, I know it wasn't a Dave Smith or Dave tapsell as I've already contacted him but wanted to try and track down any others, can you help? If I can find this person it would make my year.

My father started his trip from Connaught circle in Delhi and journeyed on the bus via Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Belgium and the UK.

He remembered getting in trouble due to no visas and having to sneak past the Yugoslav border. I'm desperate to track down any recollections of him or this journey and anyone who would have come across him.

Any information you may have would be so helpful. I can also send a picture to your email of my father as he would have been around that time if it helps. My dad mentioned on the bus read the words Delhi and London