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My name is Dick Marks, I travelled with intertrek with my wife penny in February - May 1977 from katmandu to london on a white bedford lorry called SNOWDROP, if anybody on that trip is interested I made a movie on the trip and have put it on video, we would like to hear from anybody on that trip, drivers were dave fenner and alan ?, incidents were alans tent on fire in ephaseus, using exodus lorry sandtracks for our barbeque, getting arrested in afghanistan for travelling at night , a bonfire in a caravanserai in iran, the list goes on.


Dick & Penny

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Hi Dick & Penny

A movie of your trip, now that sounds interesting, any chance of a copy?



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I was on that trip with Irene, who I later married.  At least for that part from Delhi as we came with another small group from Singapore and joined with INTW 33.  I am just now deciphering the diary I kept for the trip - bit late I know but better late than never.  We are interested in the movie you have if it is available, please.