Topic: Gardner Engines


Asian Greyhound used Bristol buses for its trips to India, not the most modern of vehicles but well built and ideally suit to the roads they travelled. They were powered by Gardner engines, also not the most modern, heavy and producing little power considering their weight, they made great marine engines or stationary generators. The Bristols were powered mainly by a 6HLX Gardner which was mounted laying on its side under the floor. They were reliable, had a long life (in normal use) but did have some problems the main of which was overheating. Not designed to operate in high temperatures the waterways were too small and prone to blocking particularly when the engine was mounted on its side. They were also not designed to travel in dusty conditions, plowing along in thick sand for hours was a far cry from poodling around Welsh villages. The engine’s gaskets were not good enough to keep sand and dirt our of the air intake which in time turned the oil into grinding paste.
All these problems were slowly overcome until the engine was happy to travel the overland. Extra radiator, improved gaskets, air pre-filters, dual cartridge air cleaners, water conditioner in radiator plus increased engine revs to boost power all made for less mechanical problems