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Hi congragulations mate..that you have a very nice web page..this is Servet from Magicbus Istanbul.. I continued to keep the line until 1994..but had to stop..I would like to do it again of course via Afghanistan once we get a peaceful situation hopefully..would like to hear from you guys...have a nice day...
Servet Gokkoyun Manager..Magicbus Istanbul

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Servet Gokkoyun,
Ne haber?  I remember you.  I just got back from Turkey - first visit back in 30 years.  I visited the Pudding Shop and saw some old friends.  Wish you had been there too.  Maybe next time?
Susan "Susie" Cuneo

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More info on Magic Bus


I e-mailed you once before and mentioned that my sister, Carrie Cuneo, was a driver for Magic Bus in 1976 and 1977. Here is a little photo journal of her trips to India and Nepal that you could post under the Magic Bus tour operator. Let me know if you need this in a different format.

Susan Cuneo Starr (file is a Word Document 3mb )