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Overland the Adventure of a Lifetime

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Welcome to the Overland Forum, if you traveled the overland or are just curious you should find something of interest, use the search function to help find anything in particular i.e. people, companies or places. The forum was getting 10 to 15 spam registrations a day so I have disabled direct registration. If you would like to join the forum just mail me derek(at) & I will email you a login...

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The star soccer team that played against Turkey in Urgup.

Group photo of passengers and drivers on the bus in 1979 just before arriving in Delhi.


Those lovely sunsets in Goa that seemed to be a viewing ritual.


Thought I better put the Map and brochure of our trip up again as it disappered with all of the other stuff recently.


Hi guys. I watched the Movie Slumdog Millionaire recentley and marvelled at the big highways that were non existant when we were there. In fact I'm not too sure how Emil knew where to go on all of those little roads leading out of cities. I do remember seeing them building some big roads though and all of the ladies in their saris walking along with big wok like dishes on their heads full of gravel or rocks. I assume their road building has also advanced by now. I enjoyed the movie though, and the poop scene was funny. Have either of you seen it?
I had a chap to fix my washing machine recently and he was wearing a seikh bangle. So I asked him why he had it on as he was very australian. He use to be a busdriver for  Sundowners and did quite a lot of driving through India in the early 70's. I told him about this site and we spent quite a lot of time chatting about india. I did get my maching fixed too which was great as hand washing is a real bugger. Guess I could have used a rock!


Di, well done with the picture of the Golden Temple, I remember this place very well. Please go on and show us more !
Rufus, I think it is not your past lifestyle that makes your memory so worse but the amount of beer and raki we destroyed during that trip.


Well it must have been somewhere on Grand Trunk Road from Amritsa to Delhi then - these days a very busy road indeed but much improved.  Di glad you remembered that the other Di had her "accident" in Varanasi, it had also been in my mind that that was where it was, but then started thinking I must be wrong.  To be honest I wasn't even sure the bus had gone to Varanasi on this trip but of course we did that on the way up to Nepal.  Is it my past lifestyle that makes my memory so much worse than yours - which is most impressive!  I do though definately remember the chai stop I refered to in the above post but it can't be the one in the photo if Stefan was still with us.


Hi guys glad you enjoyed those two. Thought you might love this one. It is of course the Golden Temple in Amritsar and obviously taken at night. However there were a few of us with cameras Ted had a shutter controller and I had a tripod. (Carried the bloody thing everywhere but when I got this photo back it made it all worth it.) So we took turns and just counted how long we thought we needed. I think Ted may have had a bit of an idea how long to expose it for but in the end it was just luck. I have wondered if the others photos turned out as good as this. It is one of the photos I have had hanging in my Kitchen for many years now, so I see it every day.
I think the chai shop must have been just before we got to Delhi as it was taken just before the group photo above. Although it must have been a different day as you both have different clothes on.
Rufus we did stay at the camp site in Agra. As for Di (not me) I recall that it was Varanasi where she fell into the sewer pit. Poor girl. She was about 2hours in the shower after that. She also ended up with Lice in her hair as well. Nothing like the true cultural experience!
Stefan I am still getting the disc to you, hopefully shortly.


Hi Di and Rufus, you must be both wrong. I left the bus in Delhi so the picture must be taken before we arrived to Delhi


Rufus, tell your friend to have a look at my homepage, all the beautiful hair is gone.


God i was skinny.  In fact a friend looking over my shoulder commented that "you look unhealthy - but he [Stefan] has beautiful hair".  That put me in my place.  As for the chai shop - I think that was between Delhi and Agra.  I very much doubt it was between Amritsa and Delhi as we used to go pretty much non-stop along that road except for lunch at Amballa.  Amballa then was nothing like it is now.  I went there a few months ago on my way to Chandigar and it has changed from a dusty road side town to a modern city.  Still nothing like Chandigar itself though with its wide, cow free streets and its parks and lake. 

I remember the chai stop which I think is in your photo.  An hour or so out of Delhi the passengers asked Emil to look for a chai shop and a few hundred yards later we saw one on a small hill just off the left hand side of the road.  Good aloo chat I recall.  Later that day we stopped at Akbar's tomb which is quite close to Agra on the road from Delhi.  Then I think it was in Agra on that trip - did we stay at the campsite? - that your namesake "English Di" managed to fall into an open sewer.  Oh the joys of indian travel!  I promise I will reply to your personal e-mail very shortly! Sorry!!


Di, to see your (our) pictures is a great easter present, thanx a lot


This photo should have gone first it is of course the lovely Budget Bus broken down. Well flat battery really, in Greece, being turned around so Emil could do a roll start down the hill.


This photo I finally got on here after lots of trying through the site recomended!!!!! It is breakfast one morning somewhere between Amritsar and Agra. Rufus is in the orange shirt, to the right of him is Stefan, then Steve then me (Di). Facing us on the far side of the photo is Andy without.



Hi Di, I received a mail on my account from you but it was empty so I sent you an email through this site. I`m sorry but I don`t have any contact to to anyone from the bus. I found this sie only by accident. If you could send me the disc with the pictures of our trip, it would be a dream. You can use my company addressI often have it in my memory and feel sorry that due to political reasons for the young generation it is to dangerous. My English is louzy as it was by that time although I was married for a long time with a Chinese from Hong Kong.
It would be great to hear from you soon.