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India Overland

Overland the Adventure of a Lifetime

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Welcome to the Overland Forum, if you traveled the overland or are just curious you should find something of interest, use the search function to help find anything in particular i.e. people, companies or places. The forum was getting 10 to 15 spam registrations a day so I have disabled direct registration. If you would like to join the forum just mail me derek(at) & I will email you a login...

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17 November 1975: BUDGET BUS



8 September 1975: London to Delhi
2 Buses: 17-seater and 45-seater
Drivers: Ab ? (the Dutch owner of both buses, who drove the 17-seater - and I can't remember his surname...) and Dave Tapsell (45-seater). (Although the trip ended in Delhi both buses were driven up tp Kathmandu - with half a dozen people in the smaller bus, while I drove the empty larger one, which was sold in Kathmandu after we'd returned from Kodari in the other bus.) 
Co-driver Neil Stevens