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Topic: Budget Bus November 1975

Hiya, we left Totteridge Tube Station on Monday, November 17th a little after 6pm. Maybe 6.30 ish.  I think I was the last to climb aboard. Below are notes/reminiscences.

On a rainy night in November 1975,  an assorted group of hippies, drop-outs, refugees from Middle England, eccentrics, dreamers and hopefuls climbed aboard a bus at Totteridge tube station, on the Northern Line, London.  Destination:  India and beyond. This is their story.   

A JOURNEY TO THE EAST             

                                                          Those were the daze

                             Dedicated to Hermann Hesse and all Journeyers to The East!

Re: Budget Bus November 1975

I traveled by Budget Bus to Dehli. It was 1977 or 1978. We set of in November the driver was Angelo and his girl friend was Carla. I recall a few of the names- Kate ( a lovely Irish girl) Kishi Yamamoto (great fun Japanese photographer- later partner of Adrian Sherwood (music producer)), Neva Jackick- Australian (worked with Barry Humphries many years ago), Clive Walker (my travelling companion)
Was anyone on that brilliant adventure?


Simon Growcott


Re: Budget Bus November 1975

Hi Simon!
Yes, I was on that brilliant adventure (with my then boyfriend, now husband, Nick).  I remember you and Clve very well.  Indeed, Clive and I stayed in touch and met up a few times in the UK afterwards, as I also did with Jay.  The others I remember from the bus are:

Gerald and Sharon (Gerald had an HGV or PSV licence and sometimes shared the driving with Angelo)
Brian and Fran
Jay Heron
Karen and John Mullen (Irish)
Tom and Gary (there's a post on here somewhere from Gary)
Sue and Angela
Diane and Rex
Ken and Normada(?) (American)

I have some photos which I will try and post.

Life-changing times.