Topic: Visit with Norm & Jean Harris

Hi Derek,

JoAnn and I have just had a wonderful morning with Norm and Jean Harris in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Norm and Jean are very well and we spent some great hours reminiscing about our westbound overland in 1976 with Swagman Tours and listening with great fascination to Norm and his accounting of the formation of the company and his more memorable adventures during the 33, yes, that's 33 times he did the overland!! Man! we thought that we were special up until that moment, having done it once!! :-)

Anyway, thought I'd pass on this bit of good news and to say that Norm passes on his best regards to you and John Witchard, who we will be seeing in October at our 1976 westbound reunion.

Hope all is well with you.

Best regards,
Rog Mason