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Budget Bus
Dear Derek

I've just come across your site whilst researching Budget Bus for a blog I'm doing at present. I went overland from London to Delhi with Budget Bus, leaving London on 1st August 1977. Having recently re-discovered the diary I kept of that trip I decided to use it as the basis of a blog of my travels. And I am posting each entry on what is effectively the 33rd anniversary of the original diary entry (i.e. I started the blog on 1st August 2010 with the entry for 1st August 1977).

Part of the reason I'm doing this is to document just how much has changed (and how much has been lost) in that region in the ensuing period so I'd very much welcome contributions from anyone else who travelled that route. I'm particulary keen to include interactions with the locals (e.g. we had a great encounter with Afghan tribesmen on our way back from Bamiyan) to give a more rounded picture of what people in that region are really like (and not the shallow stereotypes portrayed in the media). I would be very grateful therefore if you could put something in your newsletter and/or on your site.

I shall also post on the Overland Forum.

I am attaching for your information a couple of photos. The first is our group in Kabul on 4th September 77: this was the day the group began to shrink as people started to leave the bus to make their own way around the region. The second photo is Budget Bus at the Afghan/Pakistan border later that same day. I shall, of course, be posting a few dozen more on my blog as I retrace my steps (or, more precisely, tyre tracks). If there is any information I can give you for your website please don't hesitate to contact me.