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Topic: Goway South America

Hi All,

The photos below were all taken during the 70 day Bogota to Rio overlands that Goway used to operate. They date from 1980 to 1982


Those in this photo include Arnie Eisenstadt and Jim Cameron (Goway courier) to the left, Bob Freiwald the driver holding the stick at the bottom row, and Melissa and Fran at bottom row right.


Some of us atop Mt Chacaltaya, Bolivia (16,500ft). My now wife Anne is in the centre, then me, then Bob the driver to extreme right. The guy to the left of Anne is Neville Witty. He took photos of us in an ice cave which was then atop Mt Chacaltaya, but we have heard is no more. Neville, it's still not too late to send them!!

The bus was called "Sir Thomas". It found itself in tight corners sometimes ...

And in hot water other times ....

These are some of the group from my training trip. Jim Cameron, the courier, is in an Iguacu Falls photo above, and in Sir Thomas crossing the river.

This group was the last I took. Jonathan Petko was to take over; he is the bearded one in the back row.


Bob Freiwald and I at Puerto Mont. This is to prove that, as noted on the Overland Crew page, we were far too poor to afford Goose's t-shirts, or any others for that matter.

I have seen the other two great waterfalls - Niagara and Victoria, but my palm d'or goes to Iguacu.

At last, after all the tight corners, river crossings and mountain passes, we were on the beach road to Rio!

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Oops, left one out!


Ward Teel, one of the finest people I ever met, is the grey haired man in the middle of the photo. I understand that he has now passed away.

I hope that everyone else is still hale and hearty! Those in the photo include Ward's wife Mickey, my wife Anne, and Bruce, Helen, and Eidy. They were a great group of people!

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Nice pics, brought back good memories of my 4 years in SA as tour leader for Treasure Tours . One of these days I'll get off my lazy butt and post some of my pics too.....

regards, John Vincent
(1975 - 1978)

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Hi John,

Well, it only took me several years! I look forward to seeing them, John.

All the Best,


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Hi agian John,

Pretty bad of me to have missed putting in Macchu Picchu from the Inca Trail.

I don't have many of Cuzco; do you?



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Hi Mike'
got quite a lot of MP, I'll see what I can do to post something soon......Remember the crazy train ride from Cuzco..???? Sure miss them Pisco sours..!!!

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>Remember the crazy train ride from Cuzco..????

;-). Wow, that prompt made me remember all sorts of things I thought that I had forgotten. Like bowler hatted ladies grabbing things off punters and breaking world waddling records.

>Sure miss them Pisco sours..!!!

Yes, they were something alright. I held the Goway record for pisco sours at Pisco. We used to camp there a short distance from a fairly swank hotel, and they made their Piscos in big brandy balloons. That record was only six. They had a kick in them!

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almost as lethal as the brazilian Caipirinhas...

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Dear Tbriz,

Waiting, waiting ...