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Swagman Images
Hi again Derek and your good lady Cindy,
Your excellent website prompted me after all these years to get some of my slides transferred to cd,here is just a small sample of them which you might find of interest.One of Norm working on VD Vera which you have featured in the film clip on your website.
Bye for now ,and hope to talk sometime soon,i'll tell you the real story of wing wings demise then!
Cheers for now........Graham Libbey

Swaggy buses being prepard for the trip to India, note the Sundowners Plaxton getting the once over, we did repairs etc for many of the tour companies. In the 3rd picture is VDV 749 (VD Vera), that is the bus that still exists but is back in its original Royal Blue colours,

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These pictures from Sharon who did a Swagman Tour in September 1973
Thanks for the memories. Travel with Asian Greyhound Spetember 1973. Our driver was Bob Ashford. Sharon
Hi Sharon

You must have been on the departure that had 3 vehicles traveling together for some of the time. Bob drove one bus, a Spanish guy? drove one and I drove another. One bus broke down in southern Iran and I stayed with it to repair it while the other 2 went on. Does that ring a bell?
It certainly does. I got my journal out and even found references to you....
on the salt lake...Derek takes off, too far to follow. In salt, mud lake. other two buses afraid of being bogged. We avoid the dark patches. come to the center. Three buses 1 1/2 hours taking turns driving the bus. Climb on top rack  and ride in the sun. follow too close to the front bus. covered in dust cloud. mirages, miles of salty sand---ridges of distant surrounding mts.

and a few days later..Derek driver from other bus talking about 2 brothers walking around the world and one of them was killed in Kabul. I mentioned it because before leaving on the trip I had cut out an article about them.
Small world and one great journey.  Ended up working in Australia for 6 months and then taking a Siafu camping trip overland Africa and back to Europe.
Thanks again for article and sound bites Great! Sharon

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Hey Derek

I was thinking about you a few weeks ago and was hoping the newsletter hadn't crashed and burned.  I'm in the final stages of the book from my journey to India.  I'll send you a few pixs you'll get a kick out of.  Congrats on your move.  Wow!!!! Beautiful.


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More Swaggy Pics


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Love the pics of slough. I remember coming in there as a very small boy and my dad starting up an engine that was on the test bed. I thought it was magic lol. Still building vehicles now because of it ..


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