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Topic: Penn Brochures

For those of you who didn't keep your copy of the brochure here are some that might bring back memories

Eurpean & Overland Tours 1968

Marco Polo Itinerary

Penn World Asia


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Hello Derek,
It has been a few years since I last contacted you; I think I still need to thank you very much for the DVD!
But the latest newsletter got me to set up a pdf of some of the pages that I had scanned of the 1973 Penn Brochure. It is rather large so I have put it on my web site at:
http://members.tip.net.au/~lindafrd/Ove … rland.html also a group photo of the RY268 group and a photo (which you already have!) of Margret and of Travers Cox our courier and driver. It was good to see Travers' name on your web site as a courier in an earlier trip.
Also; I have a confession to make! I should have changed this a long time ago. My name now is Linda Anchell. Last year I went to a school reunion and got used to being Linda Reid again.

My name when travelling overland was Reid, not Anchell... The forums look good, but I don't have the time tonight!
It is great to relive the memories. One day I will get all my photos on line! smile byeee, enjoy Thailand, Linda

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Hello Derek
I've been given you email address by John O'Brien as he was unable to assist me in my search.
Way back in February 1971 I went on the Penn Overland tour from Kathmandu to London. I am by nature a hoarder, however, I don't seem to have "hoarded" my lovely itinerary from Penn which listed all the cities/countries we visited on the tour. I've tried unsuccessfully searching the internet. All I can find is 1974 and 1976. Vernon was our coach driver and I was very sad to read of his death. All I can recall is that he was a very nice person and wonderful to all of us.
Kind regards Leni Raica (Ms)

Hi Derek,

Most of my working life I was employed on offshore or land oilfields however, between contracts, I did do some overlanding for Hughes Overland.

All of 1970 I spent as a minibus driver/guide for Hughes Overland on two week tours through Belgium, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, ZiderZee), Germany (Hamburg), Denmark (Copenhagen), Sweden (Stockholm), ferry to Turku in Finland (Helsinki), to Russian border, Leningrad, Novgorod, Moscow, Smolensk, Minsk, into Poland (Warsaw, Poznan), into Germany (East then West Berlin, across to Cologne) back to pick up another load from the Channel ferries and start again, or would be sent on two week trips to the Greek Islands and Istanbul.

Occasionally there was a three week trip which, once we had visited Moscow we would go south to Kiev and Odessa (Black Sea port) into Rumania (Bucharest), Hungary (Budapest), Czechoslovakia (Prague), Germany (Berlin, Cologne) etc.

At the end of the European season we take an overland trip to Kathmadu (Nepal) leaving in October and arriving back a couple of days before Christmas. The route out was Europe, Istanbul, Ankara, Urgup, Malatya, Tatvan, Agri, Tabriz, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz (Persepolis), Kerman, Bam, Zahadan, Dalbandin, Quetta, Kandahar, Kabul, Peshawar, Lahore, Ambala, Delhi, Agra, Allahabad (or Khajuraho), Benares, Muzzaffapur, Kathmandu. However on the return journey we would travel from Kandahar to Tehran via Herat and Meshed.

In 1972 I again did the minibus tours on contract with the same company as before but this time with my own bus and equipment. Same trips as previously except for the Kathmadu trip. On this occasion on arriving at Kathmadu the company asked me if I would like to explore the possibly of extending future trips. All of the passengers came along just sharing food and fuel cost. As it was not possible to drive through Burma we drove to Calcutta then to Madras where the company had arranged the bus to go as deck cargo on the ship that took us to Penang. After a few days in Penang we drove up the panhandle to Bangkok, back to Penang then on to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

In Singapore I sold the bus to the company and spent a month touring Indonesia before coming to, and settling in, Australia.

Regards, Peter Blades South Australia


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I did a Penn Overland Tour in 1965 supposedly from London to India but only got as far as Pakistan because the border between Pakistan and India was closed due to the recent conflict between the two countries. I then had to make my own way back to Australia via Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Manila. Having lost all my original brochures and photos when my computer crashed.
I am now suffering from mild dementia and would love to share my experiences with my grandchildren, so anyone who was on that tour or similar could contact me. I am now living in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, having retired from the Mount Gravatt campus of Griffith University.
I would love to have copies of brochures from that time.


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Dear Angus,

Do you happen to remember the name/s of the Penn crew?

I know some who may go back to that era.




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Oh yes...Penn Overland Tours!  I left Sudder Street,Calcutta, opposite the Fairlawn Hotel on 10 Jan 1969....a notable on board at the time was Sir Derek Jakeway...the
last British Governor of Fiji....apparently he needed a bit of adventure. The tour
guide was one Hubert....of Belgium?? and I can't remember the name of the driver.
A great journey to the UK.
Roger S Lewis     cousinroger@hotmail.com

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Hi Roger,

Hubert would be this guy. He's had a book written in his honour.