Topic: Trailfinders 1975 - 1980


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My wife Gina (Warburton) and I worked with Ashley Butterfield when we were at Trailfinders in London from 1975 - 80.

He is an amazing character, and Trailfinders sold thousands of Ashley's "Butterfield Rover" ..... "Indian Rail Rover" and the unescorted "Asian Rover" during those years.

When I tell people that you could buy a book of vouchers for about 50 Pounds that would take you from London to Delhi on local transport ..... and take a year to do the trip ..... they are amazed !!!

We provided the passengers with the "Asian Rover" Handbook which detailed where to exchange coupons for local bus tickets, plus recommended accommodation and sites to visit etc .....

Ashley updated and administered all the payments to local transport agencies etc and because so many Aussies and Kiwis took these trips, Trailfinders eventually began to provide cheap air tickets to connect passengers from Delhi or Kathmandu back home.

Ashley was / is loved by his passengers ....... with a great sense of humour and sense of adventure ...

We also have fond memories of working with Geoff Hann from "Hann Overland" ..... specialising in the Middle East and Asia Overland ....... Dick Cjiffers from Capricorn Tours ...... Kirk Cumming from Sundowners ....... Tony Jones from Encounter Overland and  John ????? from Exodus Expeditions ...... and later the Top Deck Team

Trailfinders then went on to expand the public transport tours to include the "Nile Rover" and "South American Rover" and I think even the "Trans Siberian Rover" using some terrific young Tour Leaders who spoke the local languages etc ........ but Ashley was by far the most successful and well known ......

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