Topic: Exodus Pax

This was forwarded by Don Pugh I recongnise many of the names and I wasn't on the trip.

Well Don, thanks a lot - a welknown old Exodus brochure !
I think if I start digging in my boxes upstairs I may find something like that too !
But what a remarkable item of yours : with signatures on the back ! - a message from Jetta Slegh,
- and the names of Henny de Bruin, Don Pugh, Mike Clark, Hans ? , ??, ??, Tanja Wild, Dave Jones, ??, Anne Jeromson, Andy ??, Brian ? , John ? and PJ ?

We had the departure of September 16th 1975, Exodus Expedition Trip In my old diary I found this list of 25 names :

Caroline Lawrence, Valerie Knight, Paul Maciuk, Anne Jeromson, Andy Cleminson, Paul Pinchen

Mike Rooke, Brian Allen, Helen Finn, Hans Reinhart, Sue Burton, Michael Wilkinson, Ivan Delves

Jetta Slegh, Margaret Salmond, Jim McWeeney, Mike Clark, John Carscallen, Don Pugh

Peter Simons, Arie van der Leer, Peter Leeners, Tanja Wild, Marian Laurie, Henny de Bruin

drivers : Mike Deman + David Jones film crew : David South, Annie South, Brant

director : David Burlinson

I wonder what they all are doing after all that time ! I also have a list of all the overnight spots if you need it

Success Henny