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I drove in India and Nepal for Geoff Hann in 1988/89 - I'll dig out some of my pics and send them on - Geoff is still working under the name Hinterland Travel
Funny forum really - I never managed to Keep in touch with any of the people I met travelling and only met 3 of Hann's other drivers - I'll see if I can dig some pics out and get them posted...

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Hi Derek,
Thanks for your email. I worked for Geoff Hann for a few years around 1987 or so, mostly doing the north Indian tours but also a couple of overlanders. Yeah, it'd be interesting to be able to get in contact with some of my old passengers. I was also,  trying to contact Geoff Hann mainly to solve any issues we had & to let him know just how much I appreciated the opportunity he gave me & how I still so value the experiences from those years. Any chance that you could give me his contact or if I email to you could you pass it on to him?
I don't know if you have been a driver/tour leader, but I now look back on those years as being so important to my life.Thanks again for emailing Derek, best regards to all, Brian Tann.