Topic: Top Deck Film?


Hi I just stumbled onto your site, fantastic..  I was a Top Deck driver from 1976 to 1981.  I was on the overland route from 1978 until 1981 both as a driver and later a courier when I did the London to Sydneys.
I have a film which i have had converted to a DVD f the Top Deck promo films for their overland.  We at Top Deck have kept together over the years, old crews still get together each year to bullshit one another. I recently set about tracing the passengers and crew from one particular overland, the one which the promo film was made. I was the driver on one of the two buses. Anyway I managed to track down about 34 of the 44 people involved and we will get together after christmas. One of them, a dutch guy had his own film, a 20 minute film of the trip through his eyes, something I was unaware of.  He has just had that converted to DVD and I hope to get to see it soon.

Anyway  I have enjoyed your site and will refer it to my my mates at TDT.

Trevor Carroll